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It'll only take me a year, not ten!

27 April
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Kikazatte iru, asoko no kanojo
Oh yeah, ii kanji sa
Sukoshi mae kara zutto
Ore no koto wo mite'ru
The name is Jayden, and this is tsuitenai, my fandom journal inspired by mannadon.

Like all these other fandom journals, there will be essays relating to fandom and things like my involvement, things about fanfiction, and how I got sucked into this great community. This even includes how I wrote fanfiction before I knew what that even was and how I grew as both a writer and a person.

The Name
is Japanese for 'not lucky'.

As for where I got the name from, you can tell I got it from a song. A sampling of the lyrics is even at the top of this table. XD It's an E.M.U. (Entertainment Music Unit) song and it's sung by Midorikawa Hikaru and Ishikawa Hideo.

As for why I picked it... hoshi ni natta hanabi was too long for LJ, so I took another E.M.U. song instead.